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FAQ on tracking & tracing a parcel

FAQ on tracking & tracing a parcel

Everything you need to know about tracking & tracing a parcel


What is the track & trace number ?

The track & trace system makes your parcel unique. You can use the number written on the drop-off receipt (below the barcode) to know at any time your parcel’s delivery status in the postal network.


It is comprised of 13 characters, including 1 letter and 12 digits (e.g.; 8D00432154798).Enter this number in the Track & Trace Space.

In two clicks and a few seconds, you can get the latest information about your parcel.


What is an undelivered notice ?

It is the document the parcel carrier leaves in your letterbox informing you that he dropped by your home and was unable to give you your parcel (you were absent when he dropped by, your letterbox is too small, etc.).


This notice shows the address of the post office where you can pick up your parcel on the date indicated on the notice, upon presentation of this document and proof of identity.

Furthermore, the undelivered notice lets you appoint a member of your entourage as your representative. This person can then take the undelivered notice and proof of identity on your behalf to pick up your parcel at the post office.

What should I do if my parcel is shown as "delivered" in the track & trace table and I haven't received it ?

In the event you haven’t received a parcel shown as “delivered” in the website’s track & trace table, you should inform the sender and ask it to file a claim in the relevant post office, or with our Customer Service if the sender is a company under Collisimo contract. An investigation will then be opened and your sender will be informed of the investigation’s findings.

Does the 48-hour (2 working days) delivery lead-time include public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays ?

The delivery lead-time is based on working days (all days of the week other than Sunday and public holidays).


Thus the parcel delivery time takes Saturday into account for parcels dropped off Saturday before the drop-off cut-off time. On the other hand, Sunday and public holidays are excluded.


For example, all parcels dropped off Saturday before the cut-off time will be remitted to the parcel’s recipient the following Tuesday, since Sunday does not count as a working day.

How is the delivery lead-time calculated ?

La Poste undertakes to deliver parcels in metropolitan France within 48 hours. This delivery lead-time begins when the parcel is dropped off in a postal outlet and stops when it is first presented for delivery at the recipient’s home address.


All along its route in the postal network, the parcel is tracked via scan events. These scan events act as proof. The delivery lead-time is calculated in working days (i.e. all days of the week other than Sunday, public holidays and prohibitions to circulate ordered by the public authorities).



This delivery lead-time is based on the drop-off cut-off time. Past the cut-off time that is specifically defined for each postal outlet, the 48-hour delivery lead-time cannot be guaranteed. The parcel will be deemed to have been dropped-off the next day and the delivery lead-time will only begin as of that day. Cut-off times are posted in the post office. 

For example, a parcel dropped off Saturday before the drop-off cut-off time will be remitted to its recipient the following Tuesday. On the other hand, a parcel dropped off Monday after the drop-off cut-off time will be deemed to have been dropped off Tuesday and will be delivered to its recipient on Thursday.

How many days do I have to pick up my parcel at the post office ?

When the parcel is put on hold at the post office, the post office will hold it for 15 consecutive days (not counting the day your parcel carrier presented it at your home address). After this period, if neither you nor someone authorised by you comes to pick up the parcel, it will be returned to its sender.

What events are recorded along parcels' route in the network ?

A parcel is scanned on average 4 times along its route in our network:

  • when the parcel is dropped off at the post office
  • when the parcel is fed into our network’s incoming hub
  • when the parcel arrives for distribution
  • when the parcel is delivered or when the parcel carrier returns from his round if the parcel could not be delivered




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